Onam Celebration-2022

Onam Celebration-2022

Picture of Author : Ms.Priyanga
Author : Ms.Priyanga

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Onam Festival is the most famous festival celebrated in Kerala, India.  The harvest festival of Kerala also called the festival of rain flowers is a ten-day long festival celebrated with fervor across Kerala. It is celebrated during Chingam (a month in Malayalam calendar) that usually starts between mid-August and lasts up to mid-September.

Onam festival is celebrated to honor King Mahabali who visits “Kerala” at the time of Onam.  Kerala opens up with an entirely new world of an exotic taste, exquisite fragrances, and an enchanting display of beauty for the tourists when Onam is being celebrated. The festivities and celebration at the festivals make our soul and body dance with the exciting beats of music.

In our YIPS , we have celebrated Onam Festival on 07th September 2022 in a grand manner.

Organised to participate all the children with full involvement to bring the  traditional Athappokolam. 

From Kindergarten to Grade X all the children enjoyed the celebration and shown their togetherness.

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