Sports & Games

“Mind, Body & Soul that is how a perfect life is created. Only when one is physically fit their power to learn & their power to consume knowledge increases.
Here @ YIPS we understand the needs of the young mind. We keep their spirit up by involving them in various sports & games

Indoor & Outdoor Sports


Co-Curriculum - fun things to do

We conduct various co – curricular activities for our students to enrich their minds & to get them to see the outside world & also to learn new things inside the classroom.
We constantly remind our students about the world beyond the confined space of the classroom. Thereby they grow prepared for the reality of the society.

Annual Events

Seasonal Events

Around the Year YIPS Celebrate all types of Seasonal Events , 

New Year – Jan 1st / Pongal / Republic Day – Jan 26th / Holi – March 18th / Ambedkar Jayanthi – Apr 14th / 



With school counselors on board, students get access to better guidance during the school hours. This helps them manage their time well. Otherwise, they have to seek support after the school hours and search for avenues investing a lot of time. The school counselors can also monitor the progress of students and set an educational agenda for them. They motivate the students, make them expert learners, and encourage them to interact more with their parents.
School Counselling acts on the process of identifying the strengths of the students and brighten them. It is an essential factor for a student to determine and provide guidance on his/her cognitive skills, motor skills and attitudes or potential skills.
Counselling Room
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