Picture of Author : Ms. NIJILABANU


Date : 23.12.2022

Venue : School Campus-Atrium

Time  : 2:00pm onwards 

    This year on 23rd December, our school has organized a program to celebrate Christmas. The celebration was held in our school atrium. The entire atrium was beautifully decorated with cribs. All the students and faculty members were very excited and full of enthusiasm for the celebration. The ceremony began with prayer at 2:00 PM. After that, various programs were organized one after the other. One of which was a performance where a group of class 6 students presented a beautiful dance on the theme of Christmas. After that, a student disguised as Santa Claus comes with a bag containing several gifts. Santa Claus was roaming all over the atrium and spreading happiness all over. Also, the song Jingle Bells was playing in the background. After that,  teachers named Yesuraj and Roselin Mary Swamy gave a detailed speech on why we celebrate Christmas. The Stressbuster game was organised by Smt. Prabha.  Finally, the Secretary Dr. Shri.T . Sivashanmukam, Our Beloved Trustee member Smt.Manonmani  Sivashanmukam and Principal Shri. K.Annamalai wished everyone a very happy Christmas and also gave a short motivational speech.